I started HDFilmTools for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to create a site for both professional and aspiring filmmakers that provided up-to-date, in-depth information about the game changing tools and technologies that are becoming available for our work. The power of these new tools can be awe-inspiring, and when operating as advertised, enable us to be more productive, creative and if we choose, independent. Conversely, these products can be highly technical and complex. Many of us were trained in the days when film and video were the primary acquisition media. Digital technologies provide a whole new set of issues that need to be dissected, discussed, solved and documented.
Second, I wanted to create a place for filmmakers of every kind to discuss how these tools are effecting our work on a more global level. In the professional filmmaking world, the production paradigm has remained relatively unchanged for almost 100 years. Shoot and photochemically process film, edit, print and distribute. Now, with the introduction of 2 and 4K “digital film” cameras, the conversion to digital is nearly complete. With the exception of the creative instinct itself, every step in the process has dramatically changed and this change has necessitated the need for new production and post production workflows.

So, whether you are a director, cinematographer, editor, designer, producer or all of the above, this site is for you. I encourage your feedback, and look forward to showcasing your work as together we invent the exciting new world of digital filmmaking.